Energy Flow Yoga & Meditation -- Teacher's Workshop

This 8-session workshop is intended for teachers, and anyone who wants to deepen their energy-flow meditation practice. In these sessions, we go into the history of the practices, the science behind them, and why they have such a profound impact on your life.

About the Practice

Energy Flow Meditation is a practice that combines the Asian tradition of chi (internal energy) with the traditions of pranayama (breathwork) and chakras (energy centers) from India. It’s about experiencing a substantial, recognizable flow of internal energy.
The practice is known for its stress relief, calming effect, positive outlook, and happier life. It helps you connect to Universal Mind, Universal Love, and Universal Energy. You experience yourself as an energy being, and become truly connected to the greater energy that pervades the universe.

It helps you easily rise above life’s little upsets, let go of frustration, and know your purpose on this earth. You gain a clear sense of direction, and have solutions appear as if by magic to your mind and in your life.

About the Class

This 8-session workshop leaves you with an advanced practice you can do, and will want to do. The first half of the sessions focus on breathwork and posture, the second half on internal energy activations and applications.

The good news is that you don’t have to sit on the floor (unless you want to), and you won’t be contorting yourself into strange positions. This is a practice everyone can do!

Wear easy on/off shoes and loose, comfortable clothing, but don’t expect to sweat. Class size is limited, so register early.

About Eric

Eric Armstrong describes himself as an “inspired bubble of imperfection with important things to share’. The author of Bench Yoga (volume 1 of the Subtle Energy Yoga series) and The “Secret Science” of Weight Loss, he created the “Instant Alignment’ Yoga Meditation Bench, and founded
Eric spent 30 years studying the internal energy arts with a variety of masters. A former volleyball coach and martial arts instructor, he focuses on practical, efficient techniques that can make a difference in your life, sharing his deep understanding of the subject in his workshops, articles, and books.