• The Power of Advance Gratitude

    "Advance Gratitude" is pretty much the key to everything!
  • Meditation, Connection, Inspiration, Purpose

    Meditation produces Inner Connection. Inner Connection produces Inspiration. Acting on your inspiration, you find and fulfill your life's purpose. (Inspired by a terrific article on the value of keeping a meditation journal. Link in the post.)
  • The Power of Gratitude

    Gratitude is awesome. It not only brings you joy, it leads to enlightenment! And "Advance Gratitude" may be the most powerful practice of all.
  • Meditation 2.0 ?? !!

    Just received an invite to a 90-minute webinar. It looks fascinating, so I'm passing it on. Have you noticed that a peak enlightenment experience tends to be temporary? They say they have a solution!
  • Inner Joy and the Orbital Lift

    A new article, The Orbital Lift and Inner Joy, is now available in the online store ($1). The Orbital Lift is a subtle, internal muscle movement that is a powerful energy activator. Although it is a small movement, it is nevertheless the key to regarding life with amusement, and staying positive. It lifts your spirits, keeps you joyous, and produces radiant magnetism! It is a direct path to inner joyThis is the most powerful technique I know...