Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness

This 8-week series of classes will put you on the road to a healthy, fit,  trim, & slim body. The process takes time. It can't all be done in 8 weeks. But it all depends on what you know, and what you practice. In 8 weeks you'll make good start and begin traveling the road to the body of your dreams.

To achieve your goals, you need to create new patterns of living and eating that keep you on track. It will take time, but it can be done. I know. I went from 250 lbs to under 200. Along the way, I investigated, experimented, and recorded what worked for me in my book, The "Secret Science" of Weight Loss.

Of course, the things that worked for me won't be exactly be the things that work for you--especially when it comes to food choices. That's why I teach principles, with my diet choices as examples

The choices can vary from person to person, but the principles remain constant. The secret to acquiring the body of your dreams---especially in America---is to know and understand those principles.

I say, "especially in the America" because, unlike most civilized nations around the world, American government, sadly, is not looking out for your best interests. It acts to prevent sudden illness and death---mostly because they're bad for profits---when it comes to long-term obesity and disease, American government is all but missing in action.

The unfortunate reality, then, is that you have know the many things that are required to keep your weight under control.

You need to know:

  1. What causes weight gain, and how to avoid it.
  2. What makes American fast foods so deadly to your waistline---and your health.
  3. What the "good" foods you're eating are missing, and how to make up for what they lack.
  4. What's wrong with three meals a day.
  5. How a simple journaling activity can make all the difference
Eric's coaching has opened new worlds to me. The combination of Natural Keto, Simple Supplementation, and Useful Exercises have positively impacted my life this year, and for years to come!
Zach Keyer

Of course, losing weight is only half the battle. That keeps you from being round. But you also want a shapely body. That keeps you from being a skeleton.

For overall health and well-being, my program includes a series of joint rotations and light stretches. But for body shape (and strength) I mostly use a series of isometric and isotonic exercises.

That strengthening program has many benefits:

  • It takes little time, and virtually no equipment.
  • It doesn't leave you with sore muscles.
  • It doesn't exhaust you to the point that you're too tired to do anything else.
  • It lets you exercise every muscle in your body, from the largest to the tiniest---something that no other form of exercise can do!

Granted, there is a lot to learn. So there will be handouts, and taking notes is recommended. But most importantly, even if you only learn a fraction of the material covered in the course, acting on what you learn can save you from the worst ravages of long-term disease and chronic obesity.