A Dozen More Ancient Depictions

The Bench Yoga book contains a pretty good sampling of sculptures, figurines, and paintings that show ancient gods and gurus sitting with one foot up, and one down. (You can see them in the book preview pages at Amazon.)

Recently, though, I discovered quite a few more!

Here is Skanda-Murgan as Senani, the Divine General in the Bhagavad Gita:

This time, he is known as Karttikeya, and is sitting on a rock:

This one is Vishwakarma riding a swan. (For what it's worth, that's the way people ride a single-hump camel, as well.)

And here is a marble statue of Vishwakarma:

Here is Subrahmanyam on a peacock:

And Saraswati, also riding a swan:

Saraswati on a throne:

And a very young Krishna:


Here is Lakshmi on a Lotus Flower:

And another of Subramanya Tirupparankundram:

This striking image is Vishu on a hawk-man:

This one shows Goddess Ambal on a chair/bench:

And here is Meenkashi (Parvati) depicted on a temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu:

These show Lalitha Parameswari as Tripura Sundari sitting on a bench, and on a throne:


Finally, here is Ganesha, son of Shiva, god of luck and good fortune, as a picture and as a statue: