What is a "Yoga Meditation Bench"?

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a "Yoga Meditation Bench". 

Here's why you want one:

  • It's a Yoga Meditation Bench (a sitting bench, rather than a Zen-style kneeling bench).
  • It lets you sit as though on the floor, without going all the way down to the floor (and all the way back up again!).
  • It lets you sit as though in a chair.
  • It lets you sit with one foot up on the bench and one down on the floor--easily the most comfortable way to sit, because it automatically puts your back in the ideal position. (It turns out that was an ancient tradition in India. Who knew?)
  • It's easy to change positions when your back or legs become uncomfortable, so you can continue meditating. 
  • It's designed for meditation. It aids that process by making it more comfortable to sit for longer.
  • It lets you practice a meditative form of yoga that is as easy as Chair Yoga, but one that doesn't limit you to a chair forever, and one that is designed to lead to and improve meditation!
  • Perhaps best of all, it lets you sit and meditate between yoga poses, rather than curling up into a ball in "Child Pose".

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