About the Workshops

The Subtle Energy Yoga workshops are designed to help you develop a meditative yoga practice. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Accessories will be provided, but bring a water bottle and your own mat plus (optionally) any accessories you are comfortable with.

  • Energy Flow Meditation workshop
    An experiential workshop that focuses on developing a meditation practice you want to do--one that makes you feel so good, you can't wait to do it some more! Topics include Subtle Energy Activators, Advanced Breathing Techniques, Healing Practices, and powerful tools for a positive attitude and spiritual connection.

    Benches are made available for use in these workshops, so that anyone can join in, so that people who can sit in advanced positions for short periods of time can do so, without being forced to sit on the floor the whole time, and so people can explore the variety of sitting positions the bench allows.

  • Bench Yoga workshop
    A yoga session that focuses on using a Yoga Meditation Bench to develop a meditation practice of your own. Activities include asanas for sitting flexibility, exercises for sitting strength, plus general strengthening techniques and standard yoga asanas, all done with a bench.

    Like Chair Yoga, the practices make yoga into something anyone can do. Unlike Chair Yoga, however, you aren't forever limited to a chair for sitting. Instead, you acquire the tools you need to Grow to Lotus.

    Because the practices have a way of stimulating energy flows, meditation periods are built in so you can revel in them. And you are encouraged to take a break whenever you feel moved to do so--by sitting, meditating, and experiencing those flows.

  • Subtle Energy Mantra workshop
    Explore the effect of sound on our subtle energy systems. Combine subtle energy breathing techniques with new ways of doing mantras, mindfully focusing attention on the attendant energy flows.