"I sat comfortably and stably with the knowledge that I could easily change positions should recurrent pain from an old hip injury occur. The portability of the bench is clever, too."
    --Nancy McClenny, Palo Alto

"It gives you a leg up! Beginners can sit comfortably on the bench instead of  uncomfortably on the floor, gradually progressing to a traditional position.
    --Urvish Mahida, Yoga Teacher

"I sat with one foot up on the bench, and immediately felt my breathing slow. I began to experience the sense of calm I associate with deep meditation."
    --Binta Patel, Yoga Teacher

"All I can say is it’s totally worth it for the person that owns one of your benches. It’s my number one piece of furniture.
If I were to be robbed I’d say “take everything but the Bench” I can’t live without it. 😁
Thanks 🙏 over and over again."
    --Caroline Wichman, Meditator