Meditation Accessories

These useful accessories are available at Amazon. Eventually they will be available here. In the meantime, please order them using the links below. Your purchases will help to support our work!

Spino Back Support ($34.99) - For when you're sitting for a long time, to keep your back from getting sore. The straps connect the back brace to your knees, keeping you upright effortlessly, so you can use the bench all day in the office! (But be sure to spend at least 20 minutes a day sitting without the back support.)
This narrow foam yoga block ($8.99) makes a good leg-support when the knee doesn’t yet get all the way down to the bench. Not recommended for other purposes, due to its narrow width. One is usually sufficient. (If neither knee is resting comfortably on the bench, sit on the bench with one foot at a time until flexibility improves.)

Tip: Angle the block so its corner is on the cushion. Then rest your leg against the flat surface of the block. It works a charm!
This small support cushion ($17.16)is designed as a wrist-support when using a keyboard. But it works beautifully to support the heel or shin while sitting. Two are recommended. That way, they can stack on each other.
When placed on the ground, flat-side down, this half-round foam roller ($12.95) can be used to stretch the calves. But when placed on the bench, flat-side up, it provides nice support for the legs.