Meditate Better


Our mission is to raise awareness of yoga as a meditative activity rather than (or in addition to) gymnastic exercise; to help people develop a personal, energy-based meditation practice; and to help dedicated practitioners grow to Lotus.


Running used to be my meditation, until I was sidelined by knee surgeries. But that limitation only deepened my engagement in spiritual pursuits.  My 30 years of study in the “Energy Arts” eventually led to an energy-flow meditation practice.

But how to sit?! I could sit in a chair, but did not want to be forever limited to one. I could sit on the floor, but just barely, and not for any lengthy period of time. I found the answer on the edge of my futon! The mattress had pulled away just enough that one leg was extremely comfortable when it was tucked up and in. And since sitting that way aligned my posture beautifully, my practice really began to take off.

To make the other leg equally comfortable, I was inspired to create the "Instant Meditation" Bench. Only later did I find out that it is actually part of an ancient tradition in India--a tradition that has been all but forgotten in the present day.
  - Eric Armstrong, Founder

Featured Testimonials

It gives you a leg up! Beginners can sit easily on the bench instead of uncomfortably on the floor, gradually progressing to a traditional position.

Urvish Mahida, Yoga Teacher

I sat with one foot up on the bench, and immediately felt my breathing slow. I began to experience the sense of calm I associate with deep meditation.

Binta Patel, Yoga Teacher

All I can say is it’s totally worth it for the person that owns one of your benches. It’s my number one piece of furniture. If I were to be robbed I’d say “take everything but the Bench” I can’t live without it. 😁 Thanks 🙏 over and over again. 

Caroline Wichman, Meditator