Yoga Meditation Bench
Yoga Meditation Bench
Yoga Meditation Bench
Yoga Meditation Bench
Yoga Meditation Bench

Yoga Meditation Bench

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Meditate more comfortably.
Meditate more easily.
Meditate longer.
Meditate more deeply.

The "Instant Alignment" Yoga Meditation Bench™, automatically aligns your spine so you can sit comfortably for long periods, with energy flowing. Designed according to strict ergonomic standards, it turns out to be an all-but-lost Ancient Tradition!

Sit comfortably as though in a chair, sit with one leg up (which many find most comfortable of all), or sit in any other cross-legged position up to and including Lotus Pose. And it’s easy to get up and down! 

You can even fold it up and carry it with you to a yoga class. At 19 lbs., though this version is still pretty heavy! It's most useful for a yoga class in your home!

This bench is for:

  • People who want to meditate longer, more deeply, and more comfortably.
  • People who want to transition their yoga practice into a meditation practice.
  • People who really want to meditate in a traditional sitting posture (part of that all-but-lost Ancient Tradition!)
  • People who would like an even easier traditional pose to sit in. (Sitting with one leg tucked in is easy enough for most people to do, but as effective as much more advanced postures.)
  • People who want to develop the specific combination of strength & flexibility required to sit upright for meditation--without a back rest, and with exemplary posture. (That is the focus of the Bench Yoga book.)
  • People who want to sit cross-legged, but who find it difficult to get up and down from the floor, or who need to develop the hip and leg flexibility needed to do it.

Set it up in your meditation area, or use it to alleviate back pain, leg pain, or neck pain. To try it is to love it.

In short, it could be just right for you. But don't take my word for it. Read and watch the many testimonials, from users like yourself. (The customer is always right! :__)

Made by Hand in the USA

Discover "Instant" meditation! With your spine aligned, you immediately drop you into a calmer, more meditative state. And because you're sitting comfortably, you can stay there longer. 

Even with those with hip and knee problems find that with only one leg up, they can achieve the same great posture, overcoming limitations of flexibility or injury, and in the process sit in the same manner as the ancient sages of India have done for millennia. And with the bench, they can steadily improve their problem areas. So healing can begin, and they don't stay limited.

After all, it's hard to meditate when your back aches, or your legs are in pain! And to fully relax, your spine needs to be vertically aligned. The Instant Meditation Bench achieves both goals, so you go deeper, and go there more easily.

The bench comes with a base cushion to keep your legs and feet comfortable. (Add your favorite meditation cushion, like the rectangular yoga bolster shown in the photo (not included).

The part you can't see is the rectangular "foot rail" under the cushion, at the front of the bench. That feature encourages a straight, rotated ankle. But at the same time it prevents pressure on the ankle bone when your ankle is bent. The result is one of the most comfortable possible places to sit!

The bench is better than a chair, because it creates the pelvic tilt you need to sit upright comfortably. But since the surfaces are flat, you don't slide off! It's wide enough and deep enough to sit cross-legged, as though on the floor, but it's better than the floor, because it's easy to get up and down, easy to change positions, and it lets you sit with one leg at a time tucked in. That position turns out to be an ancient tradition that many find to be the most comfortable of all, even if you never sit cross-legged.

And it folds! It has an integrated handle for easy carrying, and it easily slides under a bed.

In addition, you can use the bench to create the specific combination of strength and flexibility you need to sit on the floor comfortably—so in time, you'll be able to sit anywhere. That comes in handy when you're on a mountain, or beside a lake, and you feel the inner call to meditate and commune with nature!

This bench is for you if:

  1. Sitting on the floor is hard for you, but you would like to be able to one day.
  2. You used to sit on the floor, but age, injury, or general lack of shape makes it difficult these days.
  3. You just want to meditate more comfortably, for longer, and more deeply.
  4. You want a yoga practice that is easy enough for anyone to do, but one that is at the same remarkably effective, and conducive to meditation.

You see, the MeditateBetter "Instant Meditation" Bench is the ideal seat for meditation and for yoga. It helps you sit comfortably, with your back in the ideal, upright position for meditation and for the flow of internal energy.

It helps you get into a comfortable position, helps find your ideal posture and, in conjunction with the Bench Yoga program, it can help you develop the specific combination of strength and flexibility needed to effortlessly maintain that posture. In addition, every strengthening exercise and stretching asana in the program promotes a joyful energy release that enhances your meditations.

You can sit with both feet up, as though on the floor, but it's easier to get up and down. You can also sit with both feet on the floor. Or you can sit with one foot up and one down—an all-but-lost ancient tradition that is, today, primarily preserved in paintings and sculptures from India—a position that can automatically put your spine in the perfect position for meditation! (To learn more, see Many Ways to Sit.)

And it's easy to change positions. It's great for all levels, from beginner to expert. Add your favorite meditation cushion, and the bench is nearly the height of a chair (24" x 24" x 17" with a 6" set cushion, 24" x 24" x 4" when folded for transport or storage.)

Limited Number Remaining

This version of the bench takes quite a bit of time to make, and 19 lbs. it's a bit too heavy for many to carry around. The newer model is simpler to build and has a built-in thick yoga mat on top instead of a cushion, so costs less.  So there are no plans to make any more of these hand-crafted benches.  (The limited number that remain are currently being used in a class. As they are replaced, they will go on sale at a discount.)

A copy of the Quick Start Guide is included with your purchase.


  • Meditation station
  • Office chair
  • TV chair
  • Music stool
  • Low back relief
  • Bottom-of-the-foot Massage & Reflexology 

Learn more:

 Special Offer

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area (North, East, or South), contact me to arrange a time and place to meet. You buy the coffee. I'll bring a bench for you to try, and show you how to use it. Buy it on the spot, and save delivery costs, or just try it out, with my compliments & some hints on meditation & posture. (Just don't forget the coffee! :__)

 No Risk Guarantee

Try it for a month! Satisfaction guaranteed, or ship it back undamaged within 30 days for a full refund.


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