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This links page is intended to accompany the print version of my book, The "Secret Science" of Weight Loss, others will undoubtedly find it useful, as well.


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Getting a Yoga Body

One major aspect of a "yoga body" is that it is thin. (It's also fit, flexible, and balanced, but those are subjects for another time.)

The good news is that a yoga body can be achieved in minutes a day, rather than hours--and you don't even need to do yoga!

The key to "fit" and "flexible" is nutrition and exercise. For that, you need a short daily fitness routine--one that's varied enough you don't burn out, but most importantly, one that can be completed in 10-20 minutes, depending on which aspect of fitness you're working on. With the right exercises and the right nutrition, anyone can become fit and flexible. 

But again, that is a subject for another time. Here, we're talking about getting a thin, fit body.  And the key to "thin" is mostly about when you eat (and when you don't). It's also about what you eat, of course--but that is mostly because what you eat determines how easy it is control the when.

The program that determines when you eat is called Intermittent Fasting. I talk about that at length in my book, The "Secret Science" of Weight Loss. (It also gives suggestions for a "Natural Keto" diet and a bunch of easy, no-cook recipes.)

In addition, that book lists the foods in the American dietary landscape you must avoid to stay healthy and lose weight, and it explains exactly why. Those subjects make the book considerably longer than it otherwise could be (there is so much crap, and so much to know), but it's important information. So take a look at the table of contents and determine to eliminate one thing from the list every week or two.

Please note, too, that "sugar" is last on the list--and I'm still working on it! I'm proud to say that I have achieved a decent yoga body despite that fact, so don't let your sugar addiction stand in the way of making progress. (Hi. I'm Eric. I'm addicted to sugar. And wheat. But I'm in charge here, and the better I control those addictions, the better I do.) 

The Kindle version of the book contains links to everything it references. That doesn't work for a printed book, so I've created this page for readers of the print version, with links to the articles, books, videos, supplements, and products it references. (Follow all of the references given here, and you'll know everything I do!)


  • Product links are mostly Amazon affiliate links. They don't cost you anything, but they give me a modicum of support for my work. 
  • Where a link is absent, there are too many good choices to select just one. So use it as a search term to find the things you like best.

Weight Loss Cheatsheet

Download the free Weight Loss Cheatsheet for a summary of the key principles and critical recipes explained in the book. (That will put you on my extremely sporadic mailing list, as well. But you can unsubscribe at any time.)




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