Bench Yoga

A revolutionary yoga/meditation bench,
A radically new form of yoga.

Easy enough for everyone. Effective enough for anyone.
Comfortable enough to do in street clothes!

Goals of Bench Yoga:

  1. Improve strength & flexibility
  2. Improve sitting posture
  3. Sit comfortably for meditation (and alleviate back pain)
  4. Stimulate subtle energy flows (in other words, raise chi)

Benefits of Bench Yoga:

  • Tone muscle and burn fat
  • Improve flexibility and balance
  • Alleviate back pain, Reverse osteoporosis
  • Clear the lymph
  • Stimulate energy flows (Raise chi)
  • Build a meditation practice


  • The Goal of Yoga
  • The Secret of Yoga Asana
  • The Antidote to Competition


  • 45 Ways to Sit
  • Taking a Break / Meditating
  • Yin/Yang Circular Breath
  • Figure-8 Breath (4-part inhale, 4-part exhale)
    • Active inhale, passive exhale
    • Active exhale, passive inhale


  • 9 "Active Asana" Accelerators
  • 5 "Sitting Asanas" to help you Grow to Lotus
  • 6 Bench Asanas
  • 4 Healing Movements
  • 5 Squeezing Isotonics
  • 33 Joint Mobility Movements
  • 28 Strengtheners
  • 13 standard Yoga Asanas made easier by a bench