Mark 4 Design is a Winner!

It's been a productive 6 weeks or so--but even so, progress was slow. The "Mark 3" design I was working on for the meditation bench turned out to be a bit wobbly, and not quite sturdy enough, so I immediately set to work on a "Mark 4" design.

I'm happy to say that it is a hands-down winner. It will be lighter than the current model (I'll have an exact weight in a day or so) and will be a LOT easier to manufacture. But it's very strong, and very stable, and will be a lot less expensive, as well.

Of course, the current "fine furniture" version looks great in any setting. And it folds, which is a plus. But it will be possible to supply the Mark 4 version in quantity, at an affordable cost!

So I can now say with confidence that we're just about ready for this concept
to go through the roof! See my next post for a refresher!


Thanks for listening! I look forward to sharing a picture of finished Mark 4
prototype with you very soon now--and to making them available shortly
after that!

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