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Official Launch
Last month, this website was officially launched at the New Living Expo in San Mateo, CA. Naturally, the TreeLight Yoga/Meditation Bench was the featured, but so was the Bench Yoga book.

A great big hello to all of the new friends I made there. Thanks for stopping by and filling out survey! I enjoyed sharing the parts of my practice that were most helpful for you.

I trust you got a lot out of the back-position and leg-position evaluation, and that you are using that information and the exercises I gave you in your own daily practice. (If not, I trust that you will starting one soon!)

Website & Email is up, running, and looking pretty good! I don't have an email handler for it just yet, so for the moment I'm using the email address from my personal site: (If you visit that site, you'll find more than 400 articles on a wide variety of subjects--many of them on nutrition, fitness, and spiritual growth.)

Benches are Almost Here
The cushions were delivered the 3rd week in June, as promised. I picked them up, and have them in my hands. But the benches! The benches were delivered the 3rd week in June, too. But they were delivered to New York!

It wasn't the builder's fault, either. The shipper said they were coming by way of Los Angeles, and put it in the documentation. But they were sent to New York anyway. (!) They are being trucked here now, but the delay has been costly. Currently, the estimated delivery date is July 19. 

If you live anywhere near the San Francisco Bay, use the coupon code SFBAY to get free shipping. (The offer won't last forever, but it will be there while we're ramping up!) 


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