Bench Sale!

My newest bench design is lightweight, folds, and has a "thick yoga mat" on top. It's the future, so the inventory of previous designs must go! There isn't any sense selling them for more than the new bench, either, so you can get a heck of a bargain on the models below.

The newest design will be priced at $225--when I can build enough of them to outfit the class and have some left over for people to buy. So pick the one you like best from the choices below, and add your favorite meditation cushion to meditate in comfort!

These are currently available (details below):

  • $150 Limited Edition Super Bargain (7)
  • $125 Lightweight (non-folding) Bench with One-Piece Mat (1)
  • $100 Lightweight (non-folding) Bench with Split Mat (1)

These benches are available for local delivery only, because their shipping costs are astronomical. That was one of the motivations for a new design!

$150 Limited Edition Super Bargain (7)

This is the original bench, made in India. The embroidered base cushion ties on at the corners. (I'll tie it on before delivery.) 

The bench is shown with a purple seat cushion, but I need that for my classes, so its not included. (Add a small or large rectangular yoga bolster, a zafu, or other seat cushion, according to your preference.)

This is a solid bench. At 23 lbs., it's not much fun to carry around, but its super sturdy, folds up nicely, and comes with a beautiful embroidered cushion. (If it's too heavy for you to carry, I'll be happy to bring it over and set it up for you.)

It's a beautiful piece of furniture that will look good anywhere. (They didn't cost much to make in India, but import fees and shipping delays killed the idea of making them there. To continue making them, I had to price it at $425!)

$125 Lightweight (non-folding) Bench (1-piece mat)

At 8 lbs, this bench is extremely lightweight. It doesn't fold, but it has a carry handle underneath.

The 1/2" yoga mat on top is comfortable for a smaller, lighter person. A larger person will probably need to add a flat cushion or folded blanket for extra padding.

$100 Lightweight (non-folding) Bench (split mat)

This bench is like the one above, but slightly smaller. It's a super lightweight at just under 8 lbs, with a carry-handle underneath, and the legs don't fold.


The 1/2" yoga mat on top is comfortable for a smaller, lighter person. This one has a two-piece base mat, instead of a single piece. The split doesn't get in the way, but it doesn't look quite as good, so I've discounted it even further.

This bench is also good for a smaller, lighter person. (A smaller person will have their seat cushion closer to the front. A larger person will need to add an additional cushion or folded blanket for extra padding. Either way, the split in the middle will barely be noticeable!)