Health & Fitness Links

These links go along with my Weight Loss & Fitness course. (Go here for the Weight Loss Links.)


  • Basic Isometric Tools
    • Doorway
    • Fitness Strap
    • Tai Chi "Ruler"
      (or a dowel that fits between thumb & index finger when making the   "okay" sign)
    • Strap Handles (especially useful for squats
  • IsoBoard
    • Long strap
    • Handle with pivoting middle
    • Spring
    • Carabiner(s)
    • Optional "Quck Links"


  • Teeth & Gums
    • Tongue Scraper (to remove bacteria)
  • Skin 
    • Olive oil, lemon juice, & honey supplement, plus Vitamin C
    • Body Brush
    • Tweezerman Facial Razor (aka "back scraper")